Roberto Baggio

Roberto Baggio — The Legend

Roberto Baggio needs no introduction as he is one of the most famous soccer players of all time.

Roberto Baggio is one of the few soccer stars who is equally famous both in Europe and America. No other soccer player has achieved his status during his career. The main reason for his fame was because of his amazing game play at the 1994 World Cup held in the United States. His charm, good gameplay and friendliness to the public has earned him this status.


Born in a small town near the city of Vicenza, Roberto Baggio was spotted as a future talent early on and he signed with the Vicenza team, who was playing in the third Italian division at that time, when he was only 15 years of age. It’s here that he learned the basics of soccer and got accustomed to professionalism and by the time he was 18, he was already on the shortlist of Fiorentina, one of the powers in Serie A (the first Italian division) at that time.


Although not playing in the first few months at Fiorentina, after one season of getting used to the high air of the Serie A, Baggio was finally given the chance to enter the pitch on September the 1st, 1986. Although his first 2 seasons he wasn’t really a first team regular, over the next 3 he would spend at Fiorentina, he will have one of the biggest boosts of his career, becoming an idol for the fans and one of the most feared strikers in Italy.

Roberto has learned the professionalism and this has brought him to the attention of the national team. In 1990, he got a @20 million offer from Italian champions Juventus Torino which was the highest a soccer player can get at that time.

In the 5 seasons played for Juventus, Roberto Baggio was more prolific than ever, scoring almost 80 goals in 141 matches, a feat that’s even more important considering it was achieved in the most defensive championship of the World.
But the achievements at Juventus weren’t all that great, with the team having a rather low form compared to what was about to follow for the Torino club. He only managed to win the Championship once with Juve, in 1995 when he also won his first and only Italian Cup. 1993 also brought him his only European cup success, as he won the UEFA Cup with his team.
This period was actually his best, as he won the UEFA Cup in 1993, was named FIFA World Player of the Year and World Footballer of the Year as well and qualified Italy’s national side to the 1994 World Cup.